Graphic templates by Canva for every occasion

Are you traveling around the infinite space of creativity? Yes, the lights you just saw are us. Aliens?

No, we are WooshArt, a group of professionals in the world of digital communication. We are social media strategists and creative people. We are specialists and visionaries. We love images, colors and everything that will make a project "spatial".

WooshArt in practice? Versatile, easy and especially ready to use Canva graphic kits.

Wooshart in 3 words?







We know that creativity is limitless, explosive and unstoppable, but…what if it doesn’t come?

No inspiration for a graphic project? Don’t worry, Wooshart is your creativity

Do you need professional, original and themed graphics but inspiration decided to pack and leave today?

Wooshart is the solution.

Land on the Wooshart Planet. We help you to:

Create impact posts for your social networks even though you don’t have professional graphic tools, finding the template that best suits you.
Discover the images that you like the most, easy to customize by mobile too in a short time.
Create postcards, A4 invitations, flyers and everything printable without professional graphic training.
Choose a suitable frame for your social posts, saving time for the contents.
Find an appealing graphic to increase the conversion rate of your audience.
Embrace the graphic potential of Canva even when you have few ideas or the program does not want to obey you.
We are travellers, in this space of creativity in which you move too. Take a road with us.

Would you like to sell your Canva graphics?

Contact us and let’s talk about it

Do your graphics feel a little tight to be alone in your Mac folders? If you have Canva graphics ready to use and want to share, publish and sell them, we will be happy to talk to you.

The WooshArt planet is large and cozy. Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. But first, contact us!

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